A Casual Complaint: Lazy and Guilty

Since I now am a university student and sitting ELP classes (in Japan), I suppose it ain't an unexpected bahabiour when I start using this place to introduce and try get rid of unclear feeling toward what I'm (quite belatedly though) doing in the daytime

This sentence...
A bad example.
I have an ambivalent feeling toward English Language Program in my university which, I understand is the only ELP extant in Japan. Who cares? Dunno.

Not worthy of reading these bellow. I cannot delete just I got an attachmen'

The last article is written by Pat Shipman (from The Evolution of Racism: Human Differences and the Use and Abuse of Science), and it closes like this:

We are collectively responsible for the appalling conditions under which so many live, for the opportunities not offered, for the chances not received, for the training never made available. These disasters are our fault, which we must acknowledge and redress. But we are also deeply and individually responsible for our own failures of potential: for the practice skipped, for the basic facts or skills not memorized and reinforced, for the opportunities that were too much hard work to seize, for the moral laziness that makes us lower our standards for ourselves to the point of failure.

I don't know how to say. I like the article itself. It's a quality work, and highly investigative for all of us. Shipman quite quite quite vigorously investigate past study of his own field which, in the end, engendered pure Racism, namely Nazis. I now am entitled to see what happened around that time more clearly because of him. What I wanted to say is...I don't know. The next that follows the above sentences is:

"We all know a gifted student who can't be bothered to do homework, it is a bitter waste. The hope is that we have also all seen the student of modest ability who excels through hard work. It is a lesson we must take to heart."

I don't know how to say. I'm not going to say this is suggestive and this is not good. But for one thing, "bitter waste" doesn't necessarily mean low grades. It is everywhere. Logically speaking, it might potentially be in every heartfelt laughters.

And another is moral laziness or the failures of potential.
I'm sided by two walls here which look so inescapable.
I'd like to admit that I'm a lazy person, because it is not very far from the truth.
And I need laughters from time to time.

The classroom I'm now in is the last one for me, and it is turning out to be good. I found out things that I didn't and couldn't notice by myself which were vaguely there in my mind. That is that, my vocabulary is not enough. But what's more important to me is that I'm knowing that I now am trying to be myself in a valid way. Buuut yes, the closing sentence. Shouldn't someone say "take it easy," or "why should we discuss about perception of self in the first place? And that, whole through three months. Is that something we can do with a certain nonchalance?":

"As a species, we must examine ourselves and accept responsibility for our behavior, as dose the growing child, or face the awful prospect of never reaching any sort of maturity."

I couldn't say more...

>Damn. I want to discuss something about Albert Giacometti...
>or somebody instead of...

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