an entry from the wall of my room

On the wall of my room...howwow...supposedly or not is my work. The idea had come and stayed and insisted on being realized. What it would be like If I painted by luminous paint?

This is how it came into light
You purchase a blacklight no less than 40 total watt along with a black-light-sensitive paint, it may cost some $50. Before that you'd better to buy white foundation paint if the wall of your room is bumpy or not white; a perfect white is required to gain an optimal effect, and I hardly see a flawless flat white wall. See your room. It may be white but it may not be white enough as you can paint white blacklight-sensitive paint directly without divulging underlying design before turning on blacklight. So in any case you are best to cost $60 at minimum. After that, just do paint, with of course the blacklight on and all the normal light shutting off. Wait a sec. Please do not forget the foundation paint, so turn on the light anyway...I painted this from the sketch below. Rarely a person can paint out of memory. The case was that I just could not find other pictures at hand. Anything will do. The paint actually shines in the dark, anyways, on the brush, so no worry you can. Yes you can. The sun is shining probably, but to us animals and humans just the white suffices. All true and would-be and would-have-been (me) painters know it by heart and hands. This wall picture is shining but has no significant value than that. Basically, it's same as ones painted by black and white; and color nine out of ten is better than monotone. BECAUSE, I don't know...you need a reason, black and white require less than by color. But if your judgment could be a bit beyond and trochaic, don't forget to prepare old newspapers in case of droppings, it's your room. Seventh, If you have no talent of painting (as is me indeed though), I recommend try write words: poems you like, proses you are supposed to like but don't or do like..., or you're not sure about it? or random entries from Being and Time, anything. But ese, if it be without justly depressed mind or with no substantial anger, rest assured it would appear veneer'r than mine.

See, why should you do that?
I don't see why I had to paint on the wall, and not on canvas.

so far so good

next time I'll take a better picture
of my wall


suzanne cabrera said...

Very cool....I've never seen anything like it!

Yamada Shota said...

Thanks, but the thing is I too am surprised that I feel like I've done it!

Miwa said...

This is interesting!!
But I've been waiting for your new post...

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