this train will never be going back

You lucky jawbreaker once opposed to see the world upside down,
I'm concerned of you again.

According to Chomsky, when and only when this "discrete infinity" from where our fundamental mathematical concept of infinity of the number derives, acts with a conceptual system (which might not confined to us humans) this entirely new dimension arise.
Speaking of language in general, it might necessarily be so I think.
Egyptian pyramid might as well be one of such romantic ostentation of this human ability.

It was not about culture nor civilization but more likely was about or was bound to the nature of our language.
"We now are on a different station."

And long way to go.


Unknown said...

And gone with the wind...
Hi, you're managing with excellence!! I enjoy your writings as well as music!

Yamada Shota said...

Thanks, Taniguch.

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